Comparative Study of LI-FI and WI-FI: A Review

  • Umar Draz, Tariq Ali, Ahmad Shaf, Sana Yaseen, Muhammad Ayaz


The battle between light and radio waves are not new. Alexander Grahams Bell also used radio signal for propagation of sound. Although these radio waves signals don’t equal to the light waves with respect to speed. With the advancement in technology this can be possible. Now signals are not only travel with the speed of light but also communicate with the help of light. Everyone knows about WI-FI but now the era of LI-FI has been start. With the help of visible light communication, now the idea of communication through light is possible in the form of LI-FI. LI-FI and WI-FI basically the two sides of the same coin therefore these two technologies can be compared. This research article compares the two technologies for delivering wireless internet access services i-e; WI-FI vs. LI-FI. Although the above two wireless technology has different medium but same services. The LI-FI recently gets an attention of world. Some communication platform predict that this new technology definitely replaces the WI-FI in very near future. This paper presents the comparison between these two technologies. Different parameters like medium, range, direction and security are used to suggest that which one is better in different environment for diverse users. The upcoming challenges of LI-FI and its applications are also discussed. At the end, critical discussion is provided to new way towards this new technology for new research.

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MUHAMMAD AYAZ, Umar Draz, Tariq Ali, Ahmad Shaf, Sana Yaseen,. Comparative Study of LI-FI and WI-FI: A Review. NFC IEFR Journal of Engineering and Scientific Research, [S.l.], v. 5, jan. 2018. ISSN 2521-0114. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 24 jan. 2019.