Synthesis and Characterization of Di J Acid Urea Based Dye

  • Omar Farooq Islahi, Shahid Raza Malik


Diazo Direct dyes based on Di J acid urea were synthesized by diazotization followed by coupling reactions. Synthesized dyes were brought into examination by Color meter in order to investigate the fastness properties of Light Fastness, Washing Fastness and Crock Fastness as per ISO Standards on grey scale. Best results on gray scale 3-4 obtained at 85 oC. Synthesized dyes were characterized by electronic absorption spectra on spectrophotometer for λmax and wavelength was checked in visible spectra.[1] The results obtained were in range of 475-575nm. Color Strength was checked by Kubelka Munk empirical equation and optimum value obtained at 480nm.Presence of two chromogens imparted their individual effect on fabric and enhanced their color strength.

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